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 My name is Derrick Wesley and i am a representative with NuLegacy Pharmaceuticals. My company is giving away FREE PRESCRIPTION BENEFIT CARDS!!! You can save up to 75% on prescriptions and up to 69% on diabetic equipment. It's totally FREE, just print out and take the pharmacy, and SAVE!!! Any questions, concerns or problems printing you can e-mail me at:

 Thank You and God bless

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Hi, Just want to share my story. I'm a mom with three wonderful children. One them is now in heaven, "Angel" Johan. The two other children who is left to my care are "Blue Babies" or with congenital heart defect. My eldest, Jandi, who is now 10yrs old had underwent heart surgery 8 yrs ago. my 2nd child, Jorgina, the one with me in the picture I posted in aidpage is to undergo the same surgery. Me and my husband have a good job here in our country but with the conditon of my children we really have a hard time supporting their needs. But because we love our children we try our very best to help them, even if I have to ask help from other people which I don't usually do, I will. Just to save them and give them the 2nd chance they deserve. I said my children are wonderful because despite their sickness they are doing well in school, My son ,Jandi, he is a consistent honor student and will recieve a gold medal on their recognition day for having gotten the first place in his Social Studies subject challenge. My daughter, Jorgina, is very smart too. With this, I still thank and praise God for giving me 3 special bundle of joys. I'm a lucky Mom to have these 3 wonderful children. To anyone, don't be sad or angry if you have special children. Just take care of them and the good Lord in heaven will embrace you and make your load lighter. Blessings.

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